The Dream Machine

The Chevy Corvette was one of the first muscle cars to emerge. While the styles, power and options have changed over the years, the value of these cars has not. The Corvette has always been a two seater with lots of power and prestige behind it. Even though Chevy has other muscle cars, including the Camaro, most will agree the Corvette is the one that has defined Chevy in this particular market.

Ironically, when the Chevy Corvette came out in 1953, that could have been the end of it. Chevy almost got rid of this muscle car from their line-up. They were worried that it was too much of an appearance car and not enough about high performance. Luckily for many car enthusiasts, Chevy designers chose to continue to modify the Corvette rather than get rid of it.

It didn’t take long for the Chevy Corvette to become an icon in history. It became heavily associated with the historic and legendary Route 66. It was also a huge success on the racing scene due to the ability to handle it at top speeds. The Chevy Corvette is still common in many forms of racing today, including NASCAR and drag racing. For these and many other reasons, it is the Chevy Corvette that many people are referring to when they talk about “The Dream Machine.”

For those that were looking for a sporty cruiser when it first came out, the convertible models offered them a muscle car that was just too good to pass up. Hollywood has also helped to hype up the Chevy Corvette over the decades, not only in the movies but also in photos that are shown of top celebrities driving this particular type of vehicle.

If you have a passion for the Chevy Corvette, it can be fun to explore the history of this vehicle. As you look at the various models, you will see plenty of changes in design, features and even colors offered over the years. What will remain consistent, though, is that Chevy has always delivered in terms of a great sports car with the Corvette. Consumers love “The Dream Machine” today as much as they did decades ago.

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The Ultimate Corvette

In 2009, the Chevy Corvette introduced the ZR1 and it was an instant hit with enthusiasts. They loved the body style, the comfort, the power and the cost of this exciting vehicle. As a result, the car has continued to be improved upon by Chevy. With the 2011 ZR1 model, Corvette is now being classified as the fastest production car ever created. That title used to belong to the Shelby Super Snake.

The secret of the ZR1 Corvette has to do with the technology that we have today. It brings consumers a combination of style, power and comfort. Everything on this model of vehicle is designed to enhance power and to offer consumers the very best handling and driving experience.

The top-end speed of this vehicle is 205 miles per hour. That is a great deal of power under the hood. For those looking for the ultimate thrill, this vehicle can offer it. The fast speed comes from the V8 engine and the super charger featuring an inner cooler system. The vehicle handles very well, even at the top speeds. This is due to the aluminum frame and carbon fiber body design.

It isn’t a heavy vehicle, which contributes to the great performance that it offers. The vehicle is able to handle very well, too. This is a vehicle that has great braking ability and also comfortable seats. Some of the top racing drivers out there today are using this Corvette to help them win some races where the competition is tough. They report the vehicle handles very well and they are confident that they have a good shot of winning some races with the super charge package model.

The ZR1 Corvette 2011 model is quite expensive and that makes it outside of a realistic price range for many people. However, if you can afford to own one, you won’t be disappointed with the overall performance. You can also have the prestige of knowing you have a rare muscle car that not everyone else is able to drive down the road.

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The Truly American Car

When you think about a true American car, the Chevy Corvette has to come to mind. It is a very unique and stylish vehicle. It is one designed for speed, racing and prestige, and to be a leader among the muscle cars. While the overall design may have changed a great deal from when it first came out, you have to admit it still has the ability to turn heads and entice consumers.

The first Chevy Corvette was introduced in 1953 and there are now 6 generations of this vehicle on the road. The older models are the ones that most collectors are after. In fact, there were only 300 of the 1953 model made, so they are worth an astronomical amount of money today.

There are those consumers that love the upgraded features and modern technology that they gain with a newer model of the Chevy Corvette. The second generation was introduced in 1963 and this is the design that is referred to as the Stingray. Over the years, there were more minor changes introduced but Chevy has been careful to be true to the original concept of the Corvette.

It wasn’t until 1997 that there was a major overhaul for the Chevy Corvette. This involved making the vehicle more reliable overall. This model offered better handling and better efficiency. The seating was also designed to offer more comfort than owners enjoyed before. In 2003, the 50-year anniversary model of the Chevy Corvette was introduced in limited numbers. Experts believe it will be one of the most valuable later models of the Corvette due to the meaning and low numbers produced.

There are many Chevy Corvette clubs that allow people to enjoy this classic American car to the fullest. They can drive from one location to the next in a large convoy to show off their model of the Corvette. For those that love them but don’t own them, showing up at those car show events to admire them is just as much fun!

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Chevy Corvette 101

If ever there was a muscle car that developed a virtual cult-like following, it is the Corvette. It is a car that seems to be tirelessly popular and sexy. It is the car of choice for anyone who wants to make a statement. Whether the goal is to catch the eye of the opposite sex or to enjoy a midlife crisis in style, the “Vette” has been the way to go.

To this day, owning a Corvette is a status statement and a serious lifestyle statement. While the Corvette always seems up-to-date and “in,” few know that the history of the Corvette dates back as far as 1953 and that it did not come off of the production line to the tremendous popularity that it has enjoyed in the last three-four decades.

A fun piece of trivia to have when around rabid Corvette fans, or if you are a rabid Corvette fan, is that the car was originally named the Corvair. It is also interesting that the Corvette was not an overnight sensation by any stretch of the imagination. In 1953, while Chevrolet sold over a million cars, only 183 of those were Corvettes.

Nonetheless, the Corvette design was by 1953 standards shocking and futuristic looking. Many innovations that this muscle car birthed that year that are common now drew gasps at the time. The body was streamlined and built close to the ground which turned heads on the road. The wrap-around windshield and fiberglass body, combined with that sexy front grill that is a Corvette trademark, were breakthrough design innovations that the Corvette broke onto the muscle car world when the “Vette” premiered.

Chevrolet showed a commitment to its bold entry in the muscle car market by making changes and fixing problems in each new model of the car. Such problems as a leaky cockpit, removable windows and hard-to-read gauges were corrected, which began to win over more and more fans.

Despite flaws in the original design, the popularity of the Corvette has grown from decade to decade. People who invest in a Corvette display a passion for their car that could only be described as love. Corvette clubs and magazines enjoy a strong and constant membership and subscription base that shows that even people that do not take the bold step of buying a Corvette wish they could.

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